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7 facts that explain our migration

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Migration details explained by Joe Ruas from Inter Invest:


1 Date to be later confirmed to the market after confirmation of operational procedures related to the BDR cancellation request process.

Migration Related FAQ

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  • After approval of the Corporate Reorganization, what are my options as a minority shareholder?
  • When should I decide on a BDR Option or Cash-out Option?
  • Who can choose the Cash-Out Option?
  • What is the reason for the conversion to Inter&Co for those shareholders who choose the BDR Option? How much is the Cash-Out Option worth?
  • I prefer the BDR option, what do I need to do?
  • When choosing BDRs, what will happen to my current shares?
  • I prefer the Cash-Out option, what do I need to do?
  • Can I cancel my BDRs to transform them into Class A Shares?
  • What happens to my Banco Inter shares and units if I opt for Cash-Out?
  • If I choose the Cash-Out option, will I receive the total requested?
  • Can I migrate directly to Class A Shares without going through BDRs?

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Inter Investor Relations Department:
E-mail: ri@bancointer.com.br
Telephone: +55 (31) 2138-7974

Corporate Governance Commitments

IR structure:

An international investor relations department will be created, located in the United States and in Brazil, which will be headed by Santiago Stel, an executive with more than 15 years of experience in the market and who will be based in the United States, that is, the market in which Inter&Co intends to have its shares traded.

Broad Disclosure to Shareholders:

After obtaining registration as a foreign issuer with the CVM, Inter&Co will be subject to a disclosure regime to shareholders in Brazil very similar to that applicable to Brazilian publicly-traded companies, including, for example, the annual disclosure and periodic updating of the reference form and the preparation of financial statements in Portuguese and audited by an independent auditor registered with the CVM, as well as the disclosure of meeting manuals in advance of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.

Board of Directors:

Will be composed of a significant portion of independent members. Currently, 4 of the 9 members are already independent and such proportion will be maintained in cases of an increase in the number of members. Furthermore, in the period of up to one year after completion of the Corporate Reorganization, measures will be taken for the Board of Directors to be composed of an equal number of independent and non-independent members. Finally, periodic meetings will be held exclusively among its independent members.

Auditing Committee:

Will be composed exclusively of independent directors.

Compensation Committee:

Will have the participation of three (3) directors, of which two (2) will be independent.

ESG Committee:

Will have the participation of three (3) directors, of which two (2) will be independent.

General Meetings:

Annual and extraordinary general meetings will be held online whenever necessary.

Distribution of Profits:

Inter&Co's board of directors has delegated to the executive officers the task of preparing a policy for periodic distribution of profits, by way of dividends, to be submitted to the board of directors for approval within five months of completion of the Corporate Reorganization.

Management compensation:

Voluntary disclosure of management compensation information.

Code of Ethics and Integrity Program:

Inter currently has a robust Integrity Program, which will be expanded to a global format, in line with the best international practices, addressing, among other topics, situations of conflicts of interest, prohibition of negotiation, equity and non-discrimination policy, with a periodic training program and an anonymous channel for complaints.

Access the documents about the Corporate Reorganization: